When you think of skiing, you often think of Verbier first and foremost. At Ski Armadillo, we’re lucky enough to be situated in the heart of such a fantastic location, with a shuttle service that takes you right to your ski lift – plus we’ve already organised your life passes, so we know that you’ll be enjoying one of the finest resorts for skiing in the world even quicker than you think.

We’re not the only ones that think Verbier is one of the greatest places to ski – it’s also been voted the most improved resort in Switzerland of the last 20 years. Since 1994 it has done away with long queues, overcrowded pistes, a shortage of easy pistes, poor signposting and piste maps, and poor grooming. These improvements, combined with the concierge services we offer, including personal chefs, massages, cocktail parties, ski lessons and luxury chalets, it’s great to know that our guests really will be enjoying one of their most memorable trips of their lives, right here in Verbier.

To find out more about skiing in Verbier with Ski Armadillo, visit our All about Verbier page and take a look at all the action that takes place of the slopes in our video, Skiing in Verbier. You can also find out about the layout of Verbier, where to start if you’re a beginner, and the luxury services we offer if you’re not a fan of skiing.

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