Jessica Rose in Verbier with Ski Armadillo and GandysIn late January we hosted some very special guests in some of our chalets in Verbier. Coming to stay with us to showcase their new Verbier Blue Collection and get some time in the snow were the brothers behind the Gandys ethical clothing brand and a host of instagram super stars with literally millions of followers between them.

Their trip has been covered in national news with articles in The Telegraph and all over social media. This trip wasn’t just about fashion and great times in the snow, Gandys does more than simply sell clothing, their mission is about making a difference and it makes us especially proud to have hosted them and supported their latest Verbier themed venture.

About Gandys – Don’t just exist, give back

Gandys Brothers Sustainable Clothing BrandBritish born but citizens of the world Rob & Paul are the brothers behind the Gandys brand. Their story begins in 2001 with a unique and exciting childhood spent travelling with their parents, exploring the world and volunteering together to make it better. In 2004 things changed forever when Rob, Paul & their younger siblings Rosie & Mattie lost their parents to the Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka and devastated much of Indonesia & Indian Ocean coastline.

In the aftermath of these events the family felt more than ever that they needed their lives to make a difference and as orphans themselves, where better to start than helping improve the lives of orphaned children around the world. The vehicle to achieve all this is the Gandys Foundation and the Gandys Clothing Brand.

Gandys Foundation Charitable WorkIt started in 2012 with flip-flops and today they make a range of sustainable clothing products from backpacks to knitwear.

Proceeds from sales of Gandys brand clothing supports the building and running of kids campuses in places like Sri Lanka, Malawi, Brazil and most recently Nepal. This is the meaning of the Gandys motto, Don’t just exist, give back. So when Gandys conceived of a new ‘Verbier Blue Collection’ and wanted to show it off and put it to the test in our beloved resort, we were honoured to be involved.

Gandys Verbier Blue Collection

Gandys Verbier Blue CollectionGandys means low-carbon, ethically made and sustainable products, their cotton is organic and their stuff is made to last. The Verbier Blue Collection brings those values to winter wear for both on and off the mountain.

Performance winter sports gear offers advanced breathable composite fabrics and the latest in synthetic body-hugging base layers, Gandys have left that to the likes of North Face, Mountain Equipment and the rest of the usual line-up of winter sports gear.

The Gandys Verbier Blue Collection uses more natural fabrics & traditional winter-proofing methods, for example, their jackets are waxed-cotton. Waterproof and durable they’ll handle the cold and the wet well whilst looking great in most conditions but these are not clothes for the worst the mountain can throw at you. The Verbier Blue Collection has a classic look, classic construction and is gentle on the planet and unlike so many sustainable alternatives, Gandys work hard to ensure their gear is as affordable as possible for their customers. They’re also committed to making it last. Gandys offer a repair service on many of their products so rather than throw something out, you can get a jacket re-waxed, stitching fixed or zips replaced for much less than the cost of a new item and for much less cost to the environment too.

The Verbier Blue Collection isn’t just for the Alps, it’s winter wear for all kinds of outdoor occasions. For good weather days, casual skiing or boarding, hanging out in the chalet or stomping around a ski resort like Verbier, the collection is great and has something for everyone. The laid back natural style, excellent prices and great quality make Gandys a real disruptor and one to watch in the world of winter clothing as well as a force for good in the world.

Instagram stars in Verbier

Showing their support for Gandys and committing to the ‘Don’t just exist’ ethos were a group of snow loving Instagram stars who put the latest Gandys gear to the test.

Louise Thompson

followers 1.1M

Louise Thompson in Verbier

Bio: U.K reality TV personality known for her role in Made in Chelsea. She’s now into travelling, fashion work, online content, and her own fitness brand ‘Live Like Louise’ that promotes healthy living.

Seen in picture: Louise is sporting Gandys gear including Chrome Authentic Bali Backpack and looking great on the balcony of Chalet Skye.

Quote from the trip: It was such a pleasure getting to know the two owners Rob and Paul… Their story is incredibly Inspiring

Jessica Rose

followers 1.3M

Jessica Rose in Verbier

Bio: Love Island star and glamour model, Devon’s Jessica Rose is now a queen of Instagram and celebrity news with husband Dom Lever

Seen in picture:  Jessica loved getting back on the slopes with her hubby, this picture of her in a
Gandys Black Storm Parka
got over 12K likes!

Quote from the trip: Gandys isn’t just another sustainable brand. Profits from every purchase go toward helping kids with education, medication and nutrition

Dom Lever

followers 791K

Bio: Love Island star, premium lifestyle blogger, model and husband of Jessica Rose, Dom Lever put the Gandys gear through its paces.

Seen in picture:  Dom is seen here taking in the view from outside Chalet Sophia

Quote from the trip: The perfect morning view

Jack Maynard

followers 764K

Bio: British full time entertainer and content creator on YouTube, brother of singer/songwriter Conor Maynard, Jack had loads of fun in the snow and back at the chalet.

Seen in picture:  Jack is kicking back and enjoying some pre-dinner drinks in our Chalet Skye before another great day on the mountain

Quote from the trip: I honestly had the best time & already want to go skiing again

Check out Jack’s video of the trip on Insta: Watch video

Emily Canham

followers 689K

Bio: British fashion, travel and beauty blogger, YouTube star and dog lover Emily Canham rose to fame by making videos as a hobby that soon become her career.

Seen in picture:  Emily is looking great in her Gandys Mustard Himalayan Wool Cable Knit Jumper on the balcony of Chalet Skye

Quote from the trip: The last few days in Verbier with Gandys have been super inspiring!!

Tyler Oakley

followers 5.9M

Tyler Oakley in Verbier

Bio: American YouTube star, actor, activist and author. Much of his activism has been dedicated to social issues like health care, education, and the prevention of suicide among LGBT youth.

Seen in picture:  Tyler looking totally stoked and very cool with a Gandys backpack and Blue Lucerne Fleece.

Chalets fit for glamour & travel stars

The stars behind the scenes were of course our catered chalets and the excellent people delivering our catered chalet service throughout the trip. For our guests, we reserved chalets Chalet Skye, Chalet Sophia and Plein Soleil all ideally located together close to both the lifts and the centre of Verbier. Everyone really enjoyed the trip, loved the food and spent their time having fun and relaxing, exactly as it should be for guests of Ski Armadillo.

Chalet Skye


Chalet Skye in Verbier

A spacious apartment chalet that comfortably sleeps 10 guests, in 5 en-suite bedrooms. The main feature of the apartment is the extensive open-plan living and dining area decorated throughout with fabulous furniture from around the world.
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Chalet Sophia


Catered chalet Sophia in Verbier

Chalet Sophia is a stunning penthouse apartment, located within the Grand Soleil building, less than 200m from the Medran lift station. This chalet has been beautifully furnished, with open-plan living and dining area, that can comfortably sleep 6-8 guests.
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Plein Soleil


Verbier Chalet Plein Soleil from the balcony

Plein Soleil is a second floor apartment with 3 en-suite bedrooms for up to 8 guests. The chunky sofas & soft furnishings are particularly inviting, offering guests a spacious, yet cosy environment with an unmistakable sense of indulgence.
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Gandys Verbier Blue CollectionWe support Gandys

We’ve been inspired by Gandys, their philosophy, their philanthropy and the sustainability of their gear. We love the Gandys Verbier Blue Collection and hope they keep on doing what they do.

We’re sure we’ll be seeing their gear around Verbier and around the U.K and beyond and if we need a warm sweater we know where to go. Check out the links below to find out more.

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