Aim high this season by skiing in the high-altitude resorts of Verbier and Meribel, with ski lifts accessing snow-sure terrain up to 3330m and 3200m respectively.

In recent seasons, the media has questioned the reliability of the snow, especially during the beginning (December) and end (April) of the season. Whilst the low-altitude resorts suffered in early 2023, this was not the case for the high-altitude resorts of Verbier and Meribel, where most of the pistes remained opened from early-December until both resorts closed towards the end of April, providing extensive skiing, in both resorts, for almost 150 consecutive days.

Aim High this Season. High Altitude Skiing

We take a closer look at the Verbier and Meribel, explaining why both resorts should be top of your list for your next skiing holiday.


Verbier is located in the Swiss Alps, in the canton of Valais, forming part of the impressive “Four Valleys” ski area, one of the largest ski areas in Switzerland. The Verbier 4Vallées resort is like no other. It has 410 km of runs, ranging from the easiest to the most demanding. Verbier is also famous in the freeride world, with 7 secure, marked but ungroomed routes/itineraries, such as the Mont-Gelé, the Col des Mines, the Vallon d’Arbi and the Mur de Chassoure.

Snow-Sure Skiing in Verbier

Verbier itself is at an altitude of approximately 1,500 metres (4,921 feet) above sea level. However, the ski area extends to much higher altitudes, with peaks reaching well above 3,000 metres (9,800 feet). Higher altitudes typically mean colder temperatures, which are conducive to maintaining snow cover, making Verbier a fantastic destination for those looking for challenging terrain and reliable snow conditions.

The average annual snowfall in Verbier typically ranges from 5 to 7 metres (approximately 16 to 23 feet) of snow. Typically, the heaviest snowfall occurring during the peak months of January and February. However, December and March can also see significant snowfall, as illustrated in the graph below.

Verbier Average Annual Snowfall

Source: Snow-Forecast

Many of the ski slopes in Verbier face north, which means they receive less direct sunlight. North-facing slopes tend to retain snow better and provide good skiing conditions throughout the season. Verbier Ski area is generally only open at weekends in November, with the Season officially starting from the first weekend in December. Subsequent areas open up, depending on the snow conditions. 

Verbier [4 Valleys] 2023-2024 | Ski Season Dates

– Verbier: 02-December-2023 until 21-April-2024
Savolyeres: 02-December-2023 until 21-April-2024
– Bruson: 16-December-2023 until 07-April-2024

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Méribel is a renowned ski resort located in the French Alps, specifically in the Tarentaise Valley within the Savoie region. It’s part of the world’s largest ski area known as Les Trois Vallées (The Three Valleys), which includes several interconnected ski resorts and offers over 600km of vast and diverse terrain for skiing and snowboarding.

Snow-Sure Skiing in Meribel

Due to its high altitude, its size and its multiple exposures, Les 3 Vallées ski area guarantees a high-quality snow cover throughout the winter. Méribel itself is situated at an altitude of around 1,450 meters (4,757 feet), and the ski area extends up to over 3,200 meters (10,500 feet) at the highest points. Thanks to the nature of the domain and the numerous placement of snow cannons (2 777 snow cannons covering 54% of the ski area), Les 3 Vallées ski area is able to guarantee snow cover on its ski area which is also maintained by 70 grooming machines each night. Les 3 Vallées pistes are situated between 1100m and 3230m of altitude and 85% of the skiable area is above 1800m. The capacity of snowmaking as well as the high altitude and topography of the whole ski area and the connections between the valleys (Always above 2000 m of altitude) guarantee snow throughout the winter.

The average annual snowfall in Méribel, a ski resort located in the French Alps, typically ranges from about 5 to 6 meters (16 to 20 feet) of snow. The graph below demonstrates the average snowfall received throughout the Winter season.

Meribel Average Annual Snowfall

Source: Snow-Forecast

This vast ski area offers a wide range of slopes at different altitudes and aspects, although many of the slopes in the Three Valleys face north or northeast, which means they receive less direct sunlight. This helps preserve the snow quality and duration, even when temperatures rise. This diversity allows skiers to find good snow conditions even during challenging weather conditions.

Meribel [3 Valleys] 2023-2024 | Ski Season Dates

– Meribel: 02-December-2023 until 21-April-2024
– Courchevel: 02-December-2023 until 21-April-2024
– Val Thorens: 25-November-2023 until 05-May-2024
– Orelle: 25-November-2023 until 05-May-2024

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