As Christmas approaches, so does the staff Christmas party, bonuses for your team and a celebratory end to 2014. Why not forget the soggy sprouts, awkward office disco and uninspiring gift vouchers and give your staff a real ‘thank you’ for all their hard work this year?

If 2014 has been a huge success thanks to your fantastic staff, treat them to 5-star service and the chance to ski at Verbier, one of the world’s most beautiful skiing destinations, complete with fantastic food and staff who will make sure everything they need is catered for – so not only can you make sure that they have a fantastic holiday, but so do you! Our flexible range of corporate chalets also mean that smaller teams can stay together, or if you’re one big company we’ve got plenty of space for everyone, too.

If you want to go one step further, we recommend signing everyone up to one of our cocktail parties. Enjoyed from the comfort of your chalet, our skilled cocktail waitress will set up a pop-up bar in your lounge and serve cocktails to order – from staple classics to more unusual mixes. You’ll also get a chance to have a go yourself – although you might want to stick to what the professionals will be serving!

After a few cocktails it’ll be time to sample the nightlife that Verbier has to offer. From bars to nightclubs, there’s plenty to do late into the evening. Find out more about what Verbier has to offer in the evening here.

To book your staff a Christmas party they’ll never forget, contact us today to enquire about availability and any added extras you would like to book everyone onto.

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