It’s safe to say that as they come, skiing trips are up there with the most active holidays you can get, and while there is always the option for a relaxing spa day, days are usually full of exploration and exercise. With so much activity, it’s no wonder you get so hungry on the slopes. Thankfully Verbier has a multitude of mountain restaurants to cater for the starving and energy depleted, with different cuisines to suit all appetites. There’s lots of choice out there, from ‘grab-and-go’ to gourmet cuisine, but here is our selection of the best places to stop for a bite to eat on the mountain.

La Vache

Owned by the celebrity trio of Carl Foggarty, Lawrence Dallaglio, and James Blunt, ‘La Vache’ is a gorgeous mountain restaurant located at the top of the Les Attelas chairlift at 2700m. The restaurant is covered with lavish fur throws and elegant furniture, with the food from the menu reflecting the quality of the interior. The menu is diverse, covering both classic Swiss Alpine and hearty Italian, and their variety of pizzas on offer are some of the best in the region. On top of all that, on a bluebird day, the balcony boasts one of the most stunning views in Verbier, with a panoramic vista including the peaks of Mont Blanc, the Grand Combin and the Six Blanc.

Le Dahu

Split across two floors and two separate restaurants, ‘Le Dahu’ is a firm favourite among Verbier holiday makers, due in part to the unbelievable views of the Grand Combin glacier and terrific outside seating area at the bottom of Le Chaux. If you’re feeling fancy, then the seated restaurant upstairs provides a warm and welcoming environment with a delicious menu prepared with the best local ingredients. If you’re after something quicker and just a place to either escape the cold indoors or revel in the sunshine outdoors, then the downstairs self-service restaurant is the perfect place. They have a large selection of different foods, with a crepe stand, hot dogs, burgers, paninis, baguettes, and some very tempting pastries.

Tipi at Siviez

Nestled in the valley between Siviez and Nendaz, ‘Le Tipi’ is another hugely popular pitstop among weary skiers. Well-known for their super chilled out atmosphere, they also have an expansive menu of satisfying classics, with particularly mouth watering burgers, and even fondue on the menu. This is a great restaurant to head to on the way home from a day trip to Nendaz or Thyon. Not one to be missed during a trip to Verbier.

Le Carrefour

Conveniently located at the top of the blue ‘Le Rouge’ piste and button lift, Carrefour is one of the trendiest restaurants on the mountain, and seems to be always busy whatever the weather. Their kitchen is one of the best in Verbier, serving amazing Swiss alpine meals and their speciality, fillet steak on a hot stone.

Come here for around 3 o’clock, enjoy a gorgeous meal on the terrace as the sun slowly fades behind the mountains, and then ski down to ‘Le Rouge Apres Bar’ at the bottom of the piste to enjoy some lively apres, electronic dance music, and ski shots.

Chez Dany

One of Verbier’s most secluded and celebrated restaurants, Chez Dany can be found near the end of a long track deep in the woods on the edge of the resort. During the day you can either ski to the door following the ‘Chemins de Clambins’ itinerary piste, or walk up roughly 20 minutes from town. The location is serene and quiet, and on a good day, you can sit outside on a deckchair and enjoy views way down into the valley. The food is excellent too, with a wide variety of items on the menu, including some amazing fondues.

However, there’s no doubt the fun part really comes at night, when the snow taxi whisks you up to the restaurant along the piste from Carrefour. To get back down, you can either walk, take the snow taxi again, or for the adventurous amongst us, you can toboggan down the piste with a head torch. After a night of eating and drinking, it’s a pretty unforgettable ride hurtling back down towards Verbier.

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