Most of our customers come back year after year because they love skiing; the thrill of taking to the slopes, the fresh air, the relaxing evenings, and the quality time spent with friends and family.

But a skiing holiday isn’t just a relaxing and exciting break from the norm – it’s also incredibly good for fitness. Unfortunately though, a lot of first-time skiers aren’t quite prepared for the workout they will be facing, which can often lead to injury. Make the most of your time on the slopes with a little preparation before hand – and we don’t just mean making sure you’ve packed all the right equipment and clothing!

Here are a few tips on how to prepare your body:

  • Skiing gives you an incredible cardiovascular workout – so make sure your system is in top shape before you arrive. Go for a brisk walk every day, take the stairs, go for a run, spend a bit longer on the treadmill, go for a bike ride or spend time on the rowing machine – it will all make a difference.
  • Your legs take quite a beating on the slopes, so make sure they’re in top shape by trying out squats and lunges in the comfort of your own home. Repetitions of 20, followed by a rest, and repeated four times should do the trick.
  • Your core also works hard to keep you on the right track, so strengthen through sit-ups and press-ups. Aerobics classes are a great way to combine the top two tips, as well as circuit training classes.

The best thing to do is to try out your nearest indoor ski slope, see which areas of your body you feel are your weak points, and make sure you work on them before your trip. Finally, when you arrive at Verbier, wake your body up every morning by working through specific exercises that will loosen your back and hips, and raise your heart rate. You don’t need to stretch, but you do need to get your legs and arms moving by jumping, balancing and swinging your joints.

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