Getting your body in shape before you arrive for a skiing holiday in Verbier is really important. A long day of skiing can not only leave you exhausted, it can cause muscle stiffness and muscle fatigue, which kicks in when you retire to your chalet, and begin to wind down and look forward to a relaxing evening or a night out in Verbier. It’s really important to begin recovery work as soon as you can.

To minimise the impact that skiing has on your body, you need to increase the flow of blood to your muscles. You can do this through stretching well, enjoying a massage, and applying heat to the muscles in your legs. One of the best ways to do this is by stepping into a hot tub. The movement of the water massages and relaxes the muscles gently, and the warmth of the water will improve your blood circulation. Make sure you stay hydrated for the rest of the evening, and enjoy a meal within two hours of arriving back to your chalet.

Our range of chalets with hot tubs are a great way to begin muscle therapy after a day spent skiing. They’re also the perfect place to enjoy a day off, with complimentary champagne, followed by an indulgent afternoon tea.

Whether you’re out for a full day on the slopes, or taking a day off to relax, our hot tub chalets offer the ideal balance for your holiday.

Get in touch with our team of Verbier specialists, who will book you into one of our luxury chalets with hot tubs, and make sure that your skiing package includes everything you need for the perfect holiday.

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