It’s been a week since the good citizens of the UK voted to leave the EU. Whilst we’re not in a position to discuss politics or predict the outcome, if and when article 50 is triggered, it has become evident that there is and will continue to be for some time a certain level of market turbulence and uncertainty.

Yes the value of the GBP has weakened against the Euro and Swiss Franc, with no immediate signs of recovery, but we are determined that this shouldn’t affect your decision to take part in the sport we all share a love for. Unlike some of our fellow industry bods, here at Ski Armadillo, we are looking at ways for us to absorb the impact as much as possible and prevent the cost of your skiing holiday from going up.

How are we going to do this?

  1. Our prices are published in GBP so you pay in GBP. Furthermore, we are maintaining our prices at the current level so the weakening of the GBP will have no impact on our prices
  2. By offering a catered chalet experience we provide breakfast, afternoon tea and three-course gourmet evening meals, complete with wine, so minimal expenditure in resort is required
  3. For all things paid in local currency, such as resort transfers, lift passes and ski hire, we are offering a fixed exchange rate of 1.40 CHF to the GBP(as per the rate of exchange on the 23 June 2016).

    Savings to be made

     Per Person  Cost
     You should pay (GBP)
    (based on 1.29 CHF)
     You now pay (GBP)
    (based on 1.40 CHF)
    Airport Transfers  105 chf £82 £75  £7
    6 day Lift Pass 355 chf £275 £253  £22
    Ski/boot Hire 215 chf £167 £153  £14
    Total Package 675 chf £524 £481 £43


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