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Thinking about completing a ski season in Verbier with Ski Armadillo? Or just curious about your chalet chef/host’s day to day routine?! Here’s a ‘day in the life’ account from one of our chalet Chef/Hosts; just for your curiosity!

06.30 | Alarms go off and it’s time to kick start the work day!

07.00 | Bread run, courtesy of our the Ski Armadillo drivers. Scheduled lifts leave staff accommodations towards the bakery and round to individual chalets, ensuring that bread is always warm and fresh.

07.15 | Staff let themselves into the chalet, making sure to keep quiet (in case the guests have had a heavy night – see: https://skiarmadillo.com/blog/best-apres-bars-in-verbier). Clear away any debris from the evening before, tidy general living and set for the daytime; open curtains, clear fire and plump cushions etc.

07.20 | The table is wiped and re-set. Fresh continental breakfast is arranged – fruit, yogurts, juice, fresh bread, condiments, milk and a selection of teas and coffee.

07.25 | Whilst the tables being set, it’s time to make a start on breakfast. Whatever’s on the menu – full English breakfast, crepes – sweet or savoury, french toast, Eggs Benedict or maybe just a hearty bowl of porridge!

07.45 | Ensure plates are warm and the kettle is boiled before starting on afternoon tea prep; if you’re organised!

07.50 | Serve early rises a tea or coffee and offer breakfast if they’d like to start their day a little earlier, otherwise make sure they’re comfortable as they wait for the rest of their party. Turn on the radio, present them with the daily weather forecast or suggest the best ski plans for the day. Having good local knowledge is key!


08.15 | Breakfast time! Take orders and serve guests a delicious hot breakfast. Oblige to individual requests i.e : poached egg instead of fried or scrambled. Make sure tea and coffee is topped up and guests are happy… they have a long day on the slopes ahead of them so need to be refuelled.

08.30 | Once the majority of guests are eating, and the table is content, the host can temporarily leave to turn down the beds and give the rooms a quick tidy. At the same time, the afternoon tea can go into the oven and start cooking.

08.45 | Clear breakfast, clean the dishes (or stack the dishwasher if easier) and wipe the tables down. The host can also clean around the general eating area, without disturbing the guests.

09.00 – 09.30 | Depending on the guests itinerary (let’s pretend they’re perfect guests and leave early for a full day skiing) this is the time where the host can start with the general clean of the chalet; including rooms, bathrooms and the general living area.  The chef can make a start on food prep for the evening, to ensure that they are ahead of the game come evening time

10.00 | Once the afternoon tea delights have cooled, they are presented by the chef, alongside tea/coffee and suitable crockery. Just waiting to be eaten by the guests upon arrival back to the chalet!

10.15 – 10.30 |  Chalet staff leave (and time to hit the slopes too?)

18.00 | Depending on the amount of meal prep completed in the morning, the chalet chef will return to the chalet to prepare the three course evening meal. They will clear the afternoon tea too.

19:00 | The chalet host will arrive to set the table and serve canapés and bubbles by the roaring open-fire. Ensure you’ve already spoken to the guests in the morning, confirming what time dinner will be served.

19.30 | Dinner is served! Guests will dine luxuriously, enjoying a beautiful three course dinner prepared and served in the comfort of their own chalet. A wonderful selection of wines will be served during evening meal times, personally chosen by the chef to complement the dishes being presented

21.00 | Post dinner, serve a coffee or tea by the fire, whilst the guests play games, watch a movie or decide to head back out and sample Verbier’s lively and sophisticated bars

21.15 | The chalet staff will leave for the evening, ensuring everything is seen too, including the dishwasher on and any leftovers are appropriately wrapped and in the fridge; just in case the guests return in the early hours looking for a ‘midnight snack’.

This blog has been produced by India Clements, who worked as a Chef/Host in Chalet Laineux during the 2017-2018 AND 2018-2019 winter season. If you are looking to do a season with Ski Armadillo, we’d love to hear from you. Visit: https://skiarmadillo.com/recruitment/

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